Stelter: This Is the ‘Lowpoint’ In Trump’s Presidency; It Feels Like a ‘Tipping Point’

‘Five days since the firing of James Comey’


STELTER: "Hey, happy mother’s day and welcome to our viewers in the United States and all around the world. I’m Brian Stelter and this is a look at “Reliable sources.” A look at how the media works and how the news gets made. Five days since the firing of James Comey. This is the lowpoint in Donald Trump’s young presidency. It also feels to some in the media like a tipping point. We have Carl Bernstein standing by with perspective you need to here. Plus Michael Sheerer who interviewed trump at the white House. Also this hour we’ll examine where the leaks in the trump White House are coming from, plus conservative media denialism and from early morning tweets to late night punch lines how snl is reacting to the news." 

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