Hayes: Obama ‘Looked the Other Way’ on al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Trump’s ‘Left to Clean It Up’

‘They typically said that there were only about 50 to 150 al Qaeda militants in Afghanistan’


HAYES: "You can read about it in detail in Hillary Clinton’s book where she talks about having approached the Taliban for secret negotiations trying to separate them from Al Qaeda. Numerous experts on radical Islam, folks at the Pentagon and people in the intelligence community suggested to the administration that that was a fool's errand, that it wasn’t likely to succeed. And indeed, we’ve now seen that it hasn’t succeeded. That's why President Trump is having to do this. I should add, if you go back and look at the assessments that the Obama Administration made of Al Qaeda’s presence in Afghanistan throughout the second term, they typically said that there were only about 50 to 150 Al Qaeda militants in Afghanistan. Well, we know that was wrong. We found a training camp that was vast, dozens of square miles big. The Obama Administration looked the other way on this. The Trump Administration is left to clean it up."

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