MSNBC Host Compares Wal-Mart Wage Earners With Civil Rights Marchers

‘I want to get a sense from you if you see any similarities between the civil rights issues of that day and the income inequality issues that you continue to fight for today’

MSNBC Host Compares Wal-Mart Wage Earners with Civil Rights Marchers (NewsBusters)

MSNBC has been covering President Obama’s White House Summit on Working Families intently thus far today, and the trend continued on the June 23 edition of Andrea Mitchell Reports. Guest host Peter Alexander brought on Charmaine Givens-Thomas to discuss her efforts in petitioning President Obama to set up a meeting with Wal-Mart workers to highlight low wages, inequality, and the lack of recovery for workers following the Great Recession.

Suffice it to say, Ms. Givens-Thomas, a Wal-Mart employee herself, made some truly bizarre arguments in support of her cause, like seeming to place blame on Wal-Mart for the pregnancies of their workers.

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