Gingrich: Trump Has Made the Transition from a Real Estate Guy To Being POTUS

‘I suspect he now knows personally more members of the Congress than Barack Obama knew after eight years’

GINGRICH: "Let me say a couple things. I spent years saying we can go to center-right coalition but you can't build a right only majority. That's what we have -- we have a center-right, which is frankly radically better than Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and all those guys. Be happy that you have a center-right majority that controls the schedule in the House and Senate, that gets a Supreme Court justice through, and a second thing has matured. President Trump tonight knows members of the House dramatically better than he did six weeks ago. He knows individuals, he's talked to them, they had been in the office with him, they'd been on the phone with him. The result is his mastery of the Congress is just beginning. As this goes down the road, he will do a better and better job because that's his great strength. His ability to bring people together. To get them committed to a common vision. To work together to build something whether it's a Trump Tower or it's a legislative design. This is his greatest strength, it's his personality and interpersonal skills. If you watched him today with all the folks who have gathered around, he's comfortable, he's made the transition from being a New York real estate guy to being president of the United States in a way that's very powerful. I suspect he now knows personally more members of the Congress than Barack Obama knew after eight years."

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