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Grabien Montage: 'The IRS Gets an Exemption ... from Adoring Democrats'
'You deserve better'

This morning the battle between the IRS, which stands accused of destroying two years' worth of subpoenaed e-mails, and congressional Republicans, reached feverish pitches.

In an explosive exchange, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) flatly told Commissioner John Koskinen, "Nobody believes you!" [Video]

Rep. Kevin Brady declared, 'this is the most corrupt and deceitful IRS in the history.' [Video]

Rep. Pat Tiberi pronounced, "the IRS has no credibility' [Video]

While those comments all came from Republicans, that shouldn't be interpreted as a lack of outrage coming from Democrats. Their outrage was just ... directed elsewhere. 

For more on that, please enjoy our latest montage.

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