Rep. Clay on the Removal of His Pigs-as-Cops Painting from Congress: ‘Unconstitutional Act of Censorship’

‘This is really not about a student art competition anymore, it’s about defending the Constitution’


CLAY: "Yet, without cause or reasonable process and after being viewed repeatedly by members of Congress, congressional staffers and thousands of visitors, without incident or concern, my constituent’s winning entry was removed in an act of politically motivated, unconstitutional retroactive censorship. That injustice was initiated by pressure from certain alternative right bloggers and Mr. Eric Bowling, a host on Fox News channel who created a mean-spirited and factionally inaccurate media campaign to improve his ratings on the back of a young man. And to ultimately force the painting to be removed by the architect of the capitol. After repeated acts of petty theft by renegade members of Congress who removed the painting without any authorization and after a storm of right-wing media pressure, the Speaker of the House forced the architect up the Capitol to trample on the rights of my constituent by ruling that this painting, which he had already approved 10 months ago, was retroactively disqualified. This unwarranted, arbitrary and unconstitutional act of censorship will not stand."

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