Scarborough: Trump Started Scaring the the Hell out of Me on Foreign Policy

‘I could list a thousand things he has done that scared the hell out of me’


SCARBOROUGH: "Mark McKinnon, we could all list — I’ll just speak for myself. I could list a thousand things he has done that scared the hell out of me."
BRZEZINSKI: "We could all list a few." 
SCARBOROUGH: "And everybody is talking about it. And everybody tweets about it every day. So let’s turn this a little bit and look in a couple of areas where he’s made noticeable progress. And I'll go to you in a second, Richard, but foreign policy, he started out with a guy that scared the hell out of me, scared the hell out of most Americans as his national security adviser, Mike Flynn, General Flynn, got traded in for General McMaster. Seems to have a great foreign policy team together, one that John McCain, who doesn’t like Trump, says is the best of his lifetime. And also, I’ve got to say, yes, his tweets — he is tweeting, but they are not as hyperbolic." 

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