Ralph Peters: Marine Le Pen ‘Is an Absolute Far Right Nutcase’

‘Any American conservative who thinks Marie LePen, ... is America’s friend, is not doing his or her homework’

GUTFELD: “From our analysis, Fox News contributor lieutenant colonel Ralph Peters who joins us from Washington. Colonel Peters, what is your take on the terror attack in Paris. Will it have an effect on the election. And also, should it have an effect?”
PETERS: “Well, first of all, with the statement by macron that this is the new normal, Greg, we should hammer politicians when they tell us lies, but they shouldn’t hammer them when they tell us the true. The politicians in Europe and here who have been saying, “This is here and it’s not going away fast” are telling the truth. Because the civilization of Islam in the Middle East has collapsed into barbarity, spread to Europe, touches us here, and it’s not going to be solved for decades, if at all. Will it affect the French elections which make it will affect the first round. It may garner some more votes from Marie LePen who is an absolute far right nutcase —“

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