Outsource your talk-radio show's sound production


Need another producer but can't afford one?

You're in luck.

Starting in December, Grabien will begin offering tailored production for talk-radio shows. 

If your show could use some help gathering sound, Grabien staffers are ready to help.

Led by producers who've spent years at many top 10 talk-radio programs, you can be sure you're getting the best production talent available.

The process is simple: You tell us the kind of sound your show likes to use, the length of clips the host prefers, what time you need clips delivered by every day, and we'll give you a quote. 

One thing you can be sure of: Our price will be a fraction of the cost of an actual staffer. 

If you're a producer and could simply use a hand gathering raw sound/transcripts -- not full sound packets -- we can help there, too. We're flexible & here to help.

Interested? Get in touch. Contact us at productions@grabien.com

P.S. A bigger announcement is coming soon, but we'll also be offering other services, too: transcription, audio imaging, custom music, liners, voice overs, motion graphics, even full video production.