Announcing ... HD TV Clips!


Need a TV clip? 

As an existing user, you already know we’ve got you covered. There’s simply no easier way to grab made-to-order TV clips than through Grabien. (If you're a newbie, here's a how-to.)

But recently we’re increasingly being asked for full, lossless HD clips. 

Today I’m happy to announce we’re able to help.

If the high-quality web format we’ve been providing is insufficient for your needs, you can now request full HD.

But there’s a small catch:

This hardware is expensive, and thus far we’ve only bought one full-HD tuning device. That means, if you need an HD clip, you’ll need to request it in advance. 

To do so, send a request to Please give us at least a half hour’s notice.

HD clips cost 500 coins ($5). If you’d like a transcript, they’ll run 10 coins/second (about $5 per minute).

Happy Clipping,

Tom Elliott