Announcing ... GrabienSilver!


There are now three ways to purchase Grabien's news clips:

GrabienCoins: The best choice for occasional, piecemeal purchases. $10 buys 1,000 coins.  

GrabienGold: The ultimate in VIP access. Gold accounts offer virtually unlimited use of the site (and lets users avoid listening to the audiomarks that play over un-purchased clips). $150/month.

GrabienSilver: A step down from GrabienGold, but still a good choice for talk radio producers and others who use lots of clips every month. For $75/month, users receive virtually unlimited clip purchases (300/month). But unlike GrabienGold, these accounts do not receive free TV clip requests and still hear audiomarks on un-purchased content.

For both Gold and Silver, subscription accounts are cheaper than simply purchasing a set number of months up front. Keep in mind: Subscription accounts can also be canceled at any time without penalty. 

Please get in touch with any questions.


Tom Elliott