UPDATE: FDA Drops Demand Travelers Give Meds to TSA After Grabien Report


Exactly two weeks ago Grabien reported on a brand-new FDA advisory that warned travelers how to handle their pharmaceutical drugs while interacting with the Transportation Security Administration. Contrary to long-standing practice, the advisory said travelers must separate out all of their pharmaceutical drugs and bring them to the attention of the TSA.

The story spread quickly after The Drudge Report prominently highlighted Grabien's report. The post generated more than 1,100 comments, most from frustrated travelers.

Tuesday, the FDA deleted its advisory, replacing the original post with a version that redacts the instructions for travelers to hand over their medicine to the TSA.

Seeking clarification about the apparent policy change, Grabien has asked the FDA for comment . We'll update our report upon hearing back.

Please see our "before and after" video which documents how the FDA modified its original advisory. [Link]