Welcome to Grabien 2.0


In the event you haven't noticed, this week Grabien upgraded in some very significant ways.

What’s changed? At first blush, perhaps not much. But here’s what’s new:

  • First and foremost: Speed. We’ve moved to an entirely new server built specifically for Grabien. The site now runs 12x faster than previously.
  • All clips now have “audiomarks,” unobtrusive audio stamps that protect clips from direct recording.
  • The debut of GrabienGold accounts. These accounts allow users to effectively enjoy unlimited custom clips and downloads. For $150/month, Gold accounts will be able to compile a lengthy clip list every day — in mere minutes. Of course, users can still use the site for free by using their monthly allotment of promo coins.
  • To help ease the transition to Grabien 2.0, we’re giving everyone free GrabienGold accounts. Simply use promo code GoGold and enjoy one month of free, unlimited use of the site.

As existing Grabien users, many of you also never received Grabien's introductory e-mails, linking various tutorials. If you'd like to learn how to request clips, customize clips, upload clips, etc., please check out our instructional videos: 

Should you have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please contact us at info@grabien.com


The Management