Grabien Updates: New Features, New Shows, New Markets, New Countries!


Media Colleagues —

Happy Monday! To start your week off with some good news, today Grabien is announcing the following cities’ newscasts are now available on our platform:

— Huntsville, Ala.
— Colorado Springs, Colo. 
— Lexington, Ky.
— Salisbury, Md.
— St. Louis, Mo.
— Greenville, N.C.
— Wilmington, N.C.
— Albany, N.Y.
— Providence, R.I.
— Charleston, S.C.
— Harlingen, Texas

We’ve also added a few individual programs:

— Mike Lindell’s “The Lindell Report”

— Wayne Allyn Root’s “Raw & Unfiltered”

— Chris Cuomo’s “Cuomo”

Even cooler, Grabien’s now expanded north of the border. We’ve recently added the following Canadian news channels to our regular monitoring;

— Cable Public Affairs Channel

— City News

— Global News

For those counting at home, Grabien now monitors 430 stations in 50 states, 1 district, and 6 countries. 

Finally, a helpful upgrade on the NewsBase: Now you can search by the name of the recording, not just network and show title. This helps as we are increasingly ingesting direct feeds from speeches, debates, press conferences, etc. For example: Here are all of the debates we’ve covered so far this year.  

Hope these upgrades help everyone as we enter the final stretch of midterm season. 

Go Phillies!