Introducing: LiveShare!


Media colleagues —

Today we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of a major new addition to Grabien’s suite of production tools, LiveShare.

LiveShare is a unique live-streaming platform that enables broadcasters and event organizers to interface directly with news producers and consumers; viewers (professional or consumer) can create clips in real time, sharing them to their own networks, so that your audience doubles as your marketing team.

LiveShare has a number of unique upgrades from traditional live-streaming platforms:

— If you’re organizing an event and want to spread your content far & wide, you have an option to add your stream to Grabien’s LiveShare page, where it will become publicly available (following Grabien staff moderation); this also makes it accessible via our LiveClipper/NewsMonitor/NewsBase tools. This means the hundreds of news producers using Grabien every day to create clips will have direct access to your event. 

— If you’d like your audience to create clips from your event so they can help spread your content, you can choose to pay for these clips’ production ($1 per clip), so that your audience can freely multiply your event’s reach.  

— On the other hand, if you’re a high-profile personality and want to use LiveShare as a premium tool, your viewers will need to pay this $1/clip fee themselves, and you’ll keep 50 percent of each clip payment received. 

LiveShare hosts can automatically embed their streams elsewhere using a provided code. Hosts can likewise select an option to enable viewers to embed your LiveShare. 

— If you want to re-stream your event onto other platforms like Twitter/Facebook/YouTube, just select the “re-stream” option and enter the other platform’s streaming info. 

What sources can LiveShare pull from?

Both broadcasting streaming programs like OBS Studio as well as from online streaming sites like Periscope, Facebook, and YouTube. That means if you’re accustomed to broadcasting streams on, for example, your YouTube channel, you can continue doing so and then easily re-stream that event through LiveShare, so you get the best of both worlds. 

And stay tuned: Over the next couple weeks we’ll be adding live-transcription, so viewers will be able to clip your event via the transcript, and you’ll be able to store recordings of your events with time-coded transcripts. We’ll also soon be adding a feature for hosts who want to setup daily streams so that they only need to schedule it once. 

To access this new feature and setup a LiveShare, sign into your account and click “MY STREAMS” (the 2nd dropdown link from the left in your main menu bar), then follow the — hopefully intuitive! — instructions. 

This is brand new. Please kick the tires and send us any feedback you have. 

Happy Friday & Happy Clipping!