Today Grabien is extremely excited to unveil a new project we've been hard at work on since last year. 

This project, NewsLists (, is designed to help keep the news organized. 

News consumption in the Internet era is an extremely ephemeral experience. We consume so much so quickly that it's hard for anything to leave a lasting impression. Yesterday's news seems to escape into the slipstream as soon as we come across the next headline, the next tweet, the next hilarious meme. As a a result, it's getting harder to stay focused on the bigger picture. 

NewsLists is designed to help news consumers achieve that broader perspective. By summarizing not just the most breaking developments, but rather themes within the news, or the arc of a particular news story, consumers can easily see how the latest updates fit into the larger picture. 

On NewsLists, users can scroll through the biggest developments from any given story, expanding each item within the list to see the relevant excerpt, clicking through to the original sources. Lists are available in a broad array of topics, with new lists being added every day. 

Anyone can contribute to existing News Lists as well as create their own News Lists. (New lists are moderated.) News Lists are also customizable, so additional columns can be added in unique circumstances. Users can also create private News Lists. 

So check it out and let us know what you think. We hope you'll agree it's the perfect tool for helping keep the news organized and accessible.