Introducing Three New Grabien Features!


 Today we’re pleased to announce three new features we hope will add value to your media outlet:

  1. Run your own ads campaigns! Online sites participating in our ads program — whereby news clips can be embedded with preroll ads, enabling publishers to earn revenue from the views they're generating — can now utilize their own ads tags. If you have pre-existing ads campaigns that you would like to extend to video, you can now add the tags to your account and keep 100 percent of the earnings. Contact us if you would like to participate/more information
  2. Auto-size your embeds! We’ve now made it easier to embed news clips on your news site. In lieu of manually selecting a size that fits your site design, you can now select “automatic size”; our player will read your HTML and size the player accordingly. (Note that your site must have a responsive layout for this feature to work.) 
  3. Track your sales! If you upload news clips, you can now go to Coins > My Sales and track who has purchased your content and the commission you’ve earned on each sale. 

And a minor tweak: If you’ve uploaded a clip that’s still in moderation, you can now edit the file’s metadata — rather than having to submit a correction after it’s approved.