New Feature, New Promo Code, New Prices


Media colleagues:

After years in development, we’re finally ready to roll out our most exciting production tool to date: The LiveClipper. This revolutionary innovation enables Grabien users to tune into a live news event, monitor a transcript scrolling in real time, and create clips — simply by selecting a portion of the transcript they’d like a clip of. 

Users can choose from three types of clips: MP3, SD (which is actually 720 HD), and HD (which is 1080). 

Right now we’re able tune the LiveClipper to one news event at a time; we’ll always cover whatever appears to be the biggest news at that particular hour of the day. Grabien users who wish the LiveClipper to cover particular events are encouraged to submit suggestions via the Grabien Hotline.

Grabien Gold users can the LiveClipper for free. If you don’t have a gold account but would like to experiment with the LiveClipper, use promo code LIVECLIPPER and enjoy free access for the next seven days. 

LiveClipper link.

LiveClipper how-to video

Even better than being an enormous time saver for producers, the LiveClipper should help us achieve one of our longer-term ambitions of crowd-sourcing news production. With enough people monitoring important news events, the job of actually broadcasting a radio/TV program will become infinitely easier (as, more eyes = more ideas). 

Finally, the price of special order TV clips is being increased from 500 coins to 1,000. (Please note that Gold accounts will continue to enjoy free special order TV clips.) 

As always, please stay in touch with feedback.

Tom Elliott
Grabien’s founder/editor