New Features: Web Clipper, Custom Watermarks


Announcing two new Grabien features:

WebClipper. If there's an online video you'd like to turn into a news clip, Grabien makes it easy. On the upload page, click the "add link" button, paste the URL of the Internet video you'd like a clip from, choose whether you'd like to keep the file private to your account or add it to Grabien's public MediaBase, and fill out information about the file as needed. Note that at the bottom of the upload page there is a cropping section where the file can be shortened as needed. [Also note: The WebClipper primarily works with YouTube; other video sources will be added in the future.]

Custom Watermarks. In the past, when users embed Grabien news clips, they include a "G" watermark on the bottom right. Now, if you have a logo you'd like to use as a watermark instead, you can. Go to "My account > Profile," scroll to the bottom, click "Custom watermark" and add a jpg of your logo. Note that you'll have to use the adjustment tool to ensure the logo appears in the spot you'd like. 

As always, please send feedback/ideas/etc., to

Happy Clipping,