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Jennifer Rubin: Democrats Should Be ‘Insulted’ at the Idea of Avenatti 2020



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Name: Deadline: White House


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08/11/2018 09:43 am
Diana (staff)
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RUSH TRANSCRIPT voting state ░░░░░░░░ Iowa Michael avenatti attorney ░░░░░░░░ adult film actress stormy ░░░░░░░░ has taken a big ░░░░░░░░ to introducing himself to ░░░░░░░░ today He will speak ░░░░░░░░ the Iowa wing ding ░░░░░░░░ an hour I spoke ░░░░░░░░ him about an hour ░░░░░░░░ we came on the ░░░░░░░░ and asked him if ░░░░░░░░ thinks he can win ░░░░░░░░ said quote there is ░░░░░░░░ handful of people who ░░░░░░░░ beat Donald Trump I ░░░░░░░░ I m one of ░░░░░░░░ Democrats have made a ░░░░░░░░ by underestimating Trump by ░░░░░░░░ he can t win ░░░░░░░░ or he only won ░░░░░░░░ a few thousand votes ░░░░░░░░ a state An opponent ░░░░░░░░ can connect with voters ░░░░░░░░ defeat him I think ░░░░░░░░ can Voters will make ░░░░░░░░ determination of course but ░░░░░░░░ got a sneak peek ░░░░░░░░ his prepared remarks tonight ░░░░░░░░ they hit a lot ░░░░░░░░ the right notes telling ░░░░░░░░ personal story talking about ░░░░░░░░ up Washington and bringing ░░░░░░░░ nonpoliticians into D C ░░░░░░░░ running for president your ░░░░░░░░ campaign is straight up ░░░░░░░░ right Donald Trump didn ░░░░░░░░ think so Will it ░░░░░░░░ for Michael avenatti The ░░░░░░░░ is still here What ░░░░░░░░ you think It could ░░░░░░░░ mean Every time I ░░░░░░░░ like no it can ░░░░░░░░ This is trolling Trump ░░░░░░░░ know someone said that ░░░░░░░░ all said that about ░░░░░░░░ I said that about ░░░░░░░░ Trump made it happen ░░░░░░░░ the Republican Party a ░░░░░░░░ years ago You look ░░░░░░░░ the field of Democrats ░░░░░░░░ now and afrm nat ░░░░░░░░ is the one who ░░░░░░░░ out He s the ░░░░░░░░ not a politician not ░░░░░░░░ senator or mayor or ░░░░░░░░ have you If he ░░░░░░░░ the base what they ░░░░░░░░ looking for and shows ░░░░░░░░ he can go toe ░░░░░░░░ toe with Trump he ░░░░░░░░ have a chance I ░░░░░░░░ the determining sort of ░░░░░░░░ for him will be ░░░░░░░░ do Democrats value most ░░░░░░░░ they decide they value ░░░░░░░░ fighter most people would ░░░░░░░░ foolish to under estimate ░░░░░░░░ avenatti I have always ░░░░░░░░ they need a fighter ░░░░░░░░ s why I said ░░░░░░░░ it s Elizabeth Warren ░░░░░░░░ of Virginia you need ░░░░░░░░ who is actually going ░░░░░░░░ go head to head ░░░░░░░░ Donald Trump You need ░░░░░░░░ who is not going ░░░░░░░░ try and take the ░░░░░░░░ road because the high ░░░░░░░░ doesn t work with ░░░░░░░░ guy To be honest ░░░░░░░░ you an avenatti holder ░░░░░░░░ who knows if that ░░░░░░░░ up being effective one ░░░░░░░░ or another I don ░░░░░░░░ think we re at ░░░░░░░░ point when you re ░░░░░░░░ against a president in ░░░░░░░░ Democrats will want to ░░░░░░░░ Whoever they think can ░░░░░░░░ regardless of what his ░░░░░░░░ her background might be ░░░░░░░░ person can be a ░░░░░░░░ head If avenatti can ░░░░░░░░ a good speech why ░░░░░░░░ The asymmetry seemed to ░░░░░░░░ what led the 16 ░░░░░░░░ Republicans who ran against ░░░░░░░░ and ultimately Hillary Clinton ░░░░░░░░ lose They tried running ░░░░░░░░ accurate ads Donald Trump ░░░░░░░░ t say anything factually ░░░░░░░░ They gave speeches They ░░░░░░░░ for their debates He ░░░░░░░░ t do any of ░░░░░░░░ things and he won ░░░░░░░░ think this is a ░░░░░░░░ bad idea Simply because ░░░░░░░░ Trump ran as a ░░░░░░░░ and has become the ░░░░░░░░ president in history Doesn ░░░░░░░░ mean the Democrats should ░░░░░░░░ it Democrats are different ░░░░░░░░ Republicans They do care ░░░░░░░░ governance They do care ░░░░░░░░ some of the policy ░░░░░░░░ I think looking at ░░░░░░░░ Democrats would and should ░░░░░░░░ insulted that he thinks ░░░░░░░░ can come into their ░░░░░░░░ at the last moment ░░░░░░░░ run for president It ░░░░░░░░ not at the last ░░░░░░░░ It s 2018 He ░░░░░░░░ not been a political ░░░░░░░░ his career in his ░░░░░░░░ At the last moment ░░░░░░░░ hasn t been a ░░░░░░░░ operative he hassant been ░░░░░░░░ democratic candidate at any ░░░░░░░░ They better get a ░░░░░░░░ person Who is it ░░░░░░░░ haven t found one ░░░░░░░░ They re going to ░░░░░░░░ out looking They have ░░░░░░░░ they have senators I ░░░░░░░░ haven t seen anyone ░░░░░░░░ grabs you by the ░░░░░░░░ I haven t met ░░░░░░░░ parker anyone who feels ░░░░░░░░ about their pool People ░░░░░░░░ work for Bernie Sanders ░░░░░░░░ haven t melt a ░░░░░░░░ who likes their odds ░░░░░░░░ m not advocating for ░░░░░░░░ person who hasn t ░░░░░░░░ in politics I m ░░░░░░░░ why not There are ░░░░░░░░ lot of things as ░░░░░░░░ know running for president ░░░░░░░░ Democrats still value Understanding ░░░░░░░░ and someone who can ░░░░░░░░ I ve been to ░░░░░░░░ movie I can tell ░░░░░░░░ Democrats how it ends ░░░░░░░░ about national security fair ░░░░░░░░ one thing I will ░░░░░░░░ is compelling about him ░░░░░░░░ Democrats whoever they nominate ░░░░░░░░ need to be someone ░░░░░░░░ understands the Trump psychology ░░░░░░░░ can go one on ░░░░░░░░ with him and who ░░░░░░░░ t going to be ░░░░░░░░ by a silly nickname ░░░░░░░░ being called sleepy Michael ░░░░░░░░ has shown keep in ░░░░░░░░ all those women came ░░░░░░░░ during the campaign They ░░░░░░░░ not breakthrough It was ░░░░░░░░ until he began representing ░░░░░░░░ women with his tactics ░░░░░░░░ bring that issue to ░░░░░░░░ forefront Does that qualify ░░░░░░░░ him to be the ░░░░░░░░ for the Democrats as ░░░░░░░░ He has the show ░░░░░░░░ ship the president has ░░░░░░░░ is important going head ░░░░░░░░ head with him I ░░░░░░░░ we live in a ░░░░░░░░ qualification era.
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