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Meghan McCain Bashes Trump for Getting Chummy with Kim: He’s the Closest Thing of Our Time to Hitler

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06/12/2018 11:10 am
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RUSH TRANSCRIPT GOLDBERG History ░░░░░░░░ made in Singapore when ░░░░░░░░ Korean leader Kim Jong ░░░░░░░░ and the guy in ░░░░░░░░ White House signed a ░░░░░░░░ broad pledge to denuclearize ░░░░░░░░ Korean peninsula It s ░░░░░░░░ little short on details ░░░░░░░░ is this a step ░░░░░░░░ the right direction Can ░░░░░░░░ take Kim Jong UN ░░░░░░░░ his word and can ░░░░░░░░ take the guy in ░░░░░░░░ White House at his ░░░░░░░░ Both words sometimes are ░░░░░░░░ MCCAIN There s two ░░░░░░░░ of thought on this ░░░░░░░░ few months ago we ░░░░░░░░ all sort of living ░░░░░░░░ fear of nuclear war ░░░░░░░░ the United States and ░░░░░░░░ Korea And I was ░░░░░░░░ proponent of taking a ░░░░░░░░ because I m always ░░░░░░░░ proponent of meeting with ░░░░░░░░ adversaries The deal as ░░░░░░░░ said touche joy I ░░░░░░░░ my train of thought ░░░░░░░░ the deal camenebulous It ░░░░░░░░ all about did you ░░░░░░░░ which happened in 1985 ░░░░░░░░ 2004 and 2012 I ░░░░░░░░ also I had a ░░░░░░░░ big problem you guys ░░░░░░░░ how I feel about ░░░░░░░░ flag with the American ░░░░░░░░ and the North Korean ░░░░░░░░ next to each other ░░░░░░░░ the back drop We ░░░░░░░░ not the same and ░░░░░░░░ were talking about this ░░░░░░░░ with Russia This is ░░░░░░░░ totalitarian communist dictator in ░░░░░░░░ same vein as Hitler ░░░░░░░░ by the way murder ░░░░░░░░ slavement toucher and rirture ░░░░░░░░ persecution It is completely ░░░░░░░░ utterly the closest thing ░░░░░░░░ Hitler s Germany that ░░░░░░░░ in modern time My ░░░░░░░░ was how far it ░░░░░░░░ with the buddy buddy ░░░░░░░░ there was no talk ░░░░░░░░ of the human rights ░░░░░░░░ doing on in that ░░░░░░░░ HOSTIN That was a ░░░░░░░░ topic Applause I agree ░░░░░░░░ Meghan in the sense ░░░░░░░░ I thought a meeting ░░░░░░░░ appropriate although a meeting ░░░░░░░░ any preconditions and much ░░░░░░░░ I thought was inappropriate ░░░░░░░░ bothered me the most ░░░░░░░░ that earlier last week ░░░░░░░░ said he didn t ░░░░░░░░ to prepare very much ░░░░░░░░ the meeting because it ░░░░░░░░ all about attitude Well ░░░░░░░░ s not all about ░░░░░░░░ We re talking about ░░░░░░░░ diplomacy and I think ░░░░░░░░ it s very complicated ░░░░░░░░ I think it requires ░░░░░░░░ tremendous amount of preparation ░░░░░░░░ it and we know ░░░░░░░░ Kim Jong UN has ░░░░░░░░ in power since 2011 ░░░░░░░░ he s very prepared ░░░░░░░░ I felt that our ░░░░░░░░ wasn t as prepared ░░░░░░░░ it should be BEHAR ░░░░░░░░ t this really just ░░░░░░░░ first date I mean ░░░░░░░░ re just you know ░░░░░░░░ re just meeting and ░░░░░░░░ they ll do more ░░░░░░░░ do more and hopefully ░░░░░░░░ will get there HAINES ░░░░░░░░ the president shows up ░░░░░░░░ s supposed to be ░░░░░░░░ of like the big ░░░░░░░░ This was like the ░░░░░░░░ of maybe some rollout ░░░░░░░░ m cautiously optimistic MCCAIN ░░░░░░░░ can t undersell how ░░░░░░░░ it is though even ░░░░░░░░ him to the table ░░░░░░░░ mean I never thought ░░░░░░░░ would see this in ░░░░░░░░ lifetime whatsoever so I ░░░░░░░░ Trump credit for this ░░░░░░░░ s just that it ░░░░░░░░ the we can put ░░░░░░░░ estate in north Korea ░░░░░░░░ are being starved and ░░░░░░░░ and raped by machine ░░░░░░░░ outlets and being eaten ░░░░░░░░ wild dogs You don ░░░░░░░░ even have Internet access ░░░░░░░░ are you supposed to ░░░░░░░░ beach front property HAINES ░░░░░░░░ was advised not to ░░░░░░░░ on the human rights ░░░░░░░░ and the denuclearization because ░░░░░░░░ said you might be ░░░░░░░░ Kim Jong UN too ░░░░░░░░ to agree to anything ░░░░░░░░ think they went too ░░░░░░░░ with the symbol im ░░░░░░░░ it did look buddy ░░░░░░░░ GOLDBERG I found it ░░░░░░░░ be a little too ░░░░░░░░ HAINES It was a ░░░░░░░░ GOLDBERG It was a ░░░░░░░░ for the world as ░░░░░░░░ could be I think ░░░░░░░░ was how they sort ░░░░░░░░ put it together But ░░░░░░░░ know take a look ░░░░░░░░ starts NARRATOR Destiny pictures ░░░░░░░░ a story of opportunity ░░░░░░░░ new story a new ░░░░░░░░ one of peace two ░░░░░░░░ two leaders one destiny ░░░░░░░░ story about a special ░░░░░░░░ in time when a ░░░░░░░░ is presented with one ░░░░░░░░ that may never be ░░░░░░░░ What will he choose ░░░░░░░░ show vision and leadership ░░░░░░░░ not clip ends GOLDBERG ░░░░░░░░ so the other thing ░░░░░░░░ you know as you ░░░░░░░░ the list of times ░░░░░░░░ this conversation has come ░░░░░░░░ so it s not ░░░░░░░░ people haven t been ░░░░░░░░ because when I listened ░░░░░░░░ I actually listened to ░░░░░░░░ lot of it when ░░░░░░░░ was saying no one ░░░░░░░░ done this I can ░░░░░░░░ just say Obama nobody ░░░░░░░░ had it It s ░░░░░░░░ no dude everybody s ░░░░░░░░ to do this and ░░░░░░░░ has said listen we ░░░░░░░░ to do this They ░░░░░░░░ away from the table ░░░░░░░░ said we re not ░░░░░░░░ to do it That ░░░░░░░░ why I asked the ░░░░░░░░ you know MCCAIN Nobody ░░░░░░░░ a meeting though That ░░░░░░░░ the historic difference BEHAR ░░░░░░░░ Trump said if I ░░░░░░░░ wrong I will admit ░░░░░░░░ Yeah right when pigs ░░░░░░░░ HOSTIN Madeleine Albright came ░░░░░░░░ our show and talked ░░░░░░░░ her meeting with Kim ░░░░░░░░ UN s father She ░░░░░░░░ a lot of promises ░░░░░░░░ made and while she ░░░░░░░░ there they were enriching ░░░░░░░░ uranium at the same ░░░░░░░░ To believe that Kim ░░░░░░░░ UN is going to ░░░░░░░░ away his nuclear arsenal ░░░░░░░░ really gives him the ░░░░░░░░ I think we went ░░░░░░░░ far and perhaps giving ░░░░░░░░ validity MCCAIN We haven ░░░░░░░░ gone too far because ░░░░░░░░ s happened yet Now ░░░░░░░░ went too far by ░░░░░░░░ meeting with him HOSTIN ░░░░░░░░ think the president meeting ░░░░░░░░ him without any preconditions ░░░░░░░░ gave him the credibility ░░░░░░░░ he wanted HAINES It ░░░░░░░░ have been worse The ░░░░░░░░ was that it would ░░░░░░░░ worse like it would ░░░░░░░░ in defiance even though ░░░░░░░░ was symbolism and handshaking ░░░░░░░░ what you re saying ░░░░░░░░
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