Jackie Nguyen Appears on ‘Fox 4 News Mornings’ - Merchant Maverick - Clip 2
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FOX 4 News (WDAF-TV)

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Jackie Nguyen

Name: Jackie Nguyen

Employment: Owner

Position: Cafe Cà Phê

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05/19/2022 09:47 am
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RUSH TRANSCRIPT A local ░░░░░░░░ brewers been awarded a ░░░░░░░░ 000 grant for her ░░░░░░░░ blend of kathy quinn ░░░░░░░░ learning about it At ░░░░░░░░ blend at the cafe ░░░░░░░░ cafe at 17th in ░░░░░░░░ Business born out of ░░░░░░░░ pandemic Miss jackie here ░░░░░░░░ s not quite 2 ░░░░░░░░ old You are an ░░░░░░░░ There were no shows ░░░░░░░░ the pandemic And now ░░░░░░░░ re doing coffee I ░░░░░░░░ Yes I opened cafe ░░░░░░░░ so that can help ░░░░░░░░ the Asian asian American ░░░░░░░░ here in the midwest ░░░░░░░░ you ve got a ░░░░░░░░ shop It s kind ░░░░░░░░ a pop up shop ░░░░░░░░ Restoration emporium And you ░░░░░░░░ have a little cart ░░░░░░░░ goes around truck I ░░░░░░░░ that s what intrigued ░░░░░░░░ when I heard about ░░░░░░░░ cafe and then I ░░░░░░░░ intrigued by the unique ░░░░░░░░ blend Yes we use ░░░░░░░░ flavors from inspire from ░░░░░░░░ childhood In the vietnamese ░░░░░░░░ We also use beans ░░░░░░░░ from vietnam Oh my ░░░░░░░░ Okay Let s see ░░░░░░░░ you re making air ░░░░░░░░ this is called the ░░░░░░░░ good latte It uses ░░░░░░░░ bay which is a ░░░░░░░░ sweet potato And so ░░░░░░░░ is a very popular ░░░░░░░░ And so basically what ░░░░░░░░ do is we put ░░░░░░░░ Sarah we at some ░░░░░░░░ So it s a ░░░░░░░░ purple color Then we ░░░░░░░░ some ice here Oh ░░░░░░░░ goodness You could pick ░░░░░░░░ Yeah And then we ░░░░░░░░ going to put something ░░░░░░░░ Is this right on ░░░░░░░░ And there you have ░░░░░░░░ beautiful hella Good latte ░░░░░░░░ tell me what the ░░░░░░░░ is like How is ░░░░░░░░ different when you say ░░░░░░░░ me it s double ░░░░░░░░ caffeine So that s ░░░░░░░░ delicious It s also ░░░░░░░░ be inside a very ░░░░░░░░ being that isn t ░░░░░░░░ quite often We could ░░░░░░░░ use that in the ░░░░░░░░ I think that So ░░░░░░░░ s exciting is you ░░░░░░░░ 10 000 grant and ░░░░░░░░ the merchant may break ░░░░░░░░ are offering a application ░░░░░░░░ various ap I restaurants ░░░░░░░░ the nation and we ░░░░░░░░ one of 10 that ░░░░░░░░ And so that helps ░░░░░░░░ with our brick and ░░░░░░░░ which is what we ░░░░░░░░ doing right now We ░░░░░░░░ building in Columbus park ░░░░░░░░ proud of you Thank ░░░░░░░░ so much Good luck ░░░░░░░░ there you go There ░░░░░░░░ your cup of Joe ░░░░░░░░ what call it Would ░░░░░░░░ say cafe said what ░░░░░░░░ said back
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