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Judge Nap on New Clinton Email Dump: ‘This Is the Smoking Gun’ that ‘Ramps up the Case for Her Prosecution’
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>> FBI dumping more Hillary Clinton e-mails, it happened last night while much of the public was busy watching the packers versus the giants, 300 pages of documents put out by the FBI. Showing Mrs. Clinton of the regularly sending confidential, Andy is secret information to someone outside of the government, question now is it enough evidence for a prosecution under a trump Administration? Joining me now, Fox News senior judicial analyst, judge Andrew Napolitano, great to have you with us.
>> Thank you.
Lou: 300 pages of documents realized by we don’t know who within the FBI. Which had possession of them, turning them over to the public to see. They suggest, that there are a lot of misunderstandings about what was held by Mrs. Clinton, what was communicated by her, and to her of a highly sensitive nature.
NAPOLITANO: “The highly sensitive nature was 301 pages of email, Mrs. Clinton sent to a regular bases to a non-government person. We believe it was Sid Blumenthal. But we now know what Donald Trump feared, and argued during the campaign, and what rogue FBI agents who disagree with Director Comey’s come to recommend sentencing was true that information Mrs. Clinton sent to her e-mailer, was hacked, by foreign intelligence agencies, of countries unfriendly to us, and friendly to us. Sources tell Fox News, those were Russia, China, and Israel. Now, this is relevant in this time period. Because this will now be front and center tomorrow morning, when Senator Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing begins before the Senate Judiciary Committee, because he will be asked, what will you do with this?”
DOBBS: “The questions arise, why weren’t they released? Why did the FBI director have such a struggle — a hamlet act that persisted over a number ofmonths this evidence, makes it clear, his last judgment on the matter of prosecution was in error, does it not?”
NAPOLITANO: “You are correct. This is a smoking gun if ever there was one. This ramps up the case for her prosecution to the point where, ironically, it may ramp up the case for President Obama to issue her a pardon and to take this off of Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions’ desk. If he does not do, that the pressure on attorney general from FBI agency who conducted the investigation, who probably posted this stuff like the giants packer game will be difficult for him to resist.”
Lou: This is a deep game played. Was the administration behind the release to create a perplexing dilemma for the incoming Trump Administration? Or was it the rogue agents who had a belly full of a justice Department and an FBI, that are being led in the most politically miserable ways one could manage.
>> Nicely put, your questions are even. We do not know. I will add did Director Comey know about this at the time he exonerated Mrs. Clinton on July 5 last summer? Did Director Comey tell President-Elect Trump about this when he met with him at Trump Tower last week? Did Director Comey know this would be released when it was, and why was it released during a football game? Was gin it up, I don’t know. Lou: Extraordinary moment, we should be used to it.
>> Yes, never a dull moment. Lou: Judge Andrew Napolitano thank you very much.
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