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Imagine an online marketplace where news from around the world is available for searching, previewing, and purchasing. Pre-edited news clips, print reporting, photojournalism, polling data, studies — everything. All available in one easily navigable website, with metadata that makes searching and subscribing to favored topics and users completely simple.

That’s what we’re building.

A place where traditional media compete alongside citizen journalists; a reimagined news ecosystem where anyone with a smartphone can wind-up serving as a stringer for a news wire; an online store publishers use to quickly locate the perfect news clip needed for a post.

Today’s media industry is extremely inefficient. Virtually every news outlet — from TV news shows, to online news sites, to radio shows – employs producers tasked with creating news clips to use in their broadcasts/online publishing. As a result, thousands of effectively identical news clips are being created from almost every speech, press conference, and other major news event.

Grabien creates clips so others don’t have to. And as an open marketplace, anyone can upload their produced news products (finally making citizen journalism a profitable enterprise). As a result, media outlets can not only do more with less by outsourcing a lot of this nitty-gritty production, but also find new revenue for work they’re already doing.

We’re shaking up the news distribution model itself — giving end-users more control, content creators new revenue opportunities, and independent journalists a platform to compete alongside the biggest names in media.