De Blasio: Trump Order Could Be First StepTowards a Muslim Registry

‘A lot of people are worried about moving to this registry which would be unavoidable and unacceptable’


DE BLASIO: "I understand that point, but be careful on that. The notion that there is not a pattern of exception for individuals that the only igs case suggests publicly non-muslims should be very worrisome here. A lot of people are worried about moving to this registry, which would be unavoidable and unacceptable. Medical professionals and those who work to do work and people who have served in our military, that will be one thing. But the indication here is it certainly leans against people coming from the Muslim majority in our nations. And it helps somebody who is a law-abiding citizen coming here with the right to entry. Anyone who cares about civil liberties, this is a bipartisan statement because there are a lot of Republicans and independent who is care deeply about the Constitution and civil liberties. They should be worried right now. And I’m appreciating three senators have stepped up and a lot more Republicans should be speaking out right now."

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