‘The View’ Goes After Trump for Easter Tweeting: ‘Even Jesus Rested on the Seventh Day’

‘I was just surprised he was tweeting. Even Jesus rested on the seventh day’

‘Even Jesus Rested on the Seventh Day’: The View Goes After Trump for Easter Tweeting (Mediaite)

On today’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg told the audience that Donald Trump started his Easter “with some tweets reminding people he won the election.”

The rest of the panel was quick to join in on that one, talking about how truly crazy they found it that the President spent the big holiday tweeting angrily about protesters who took to the streets to demand he release his tax returns.

“He ran on this faith-based campaign and Easter Sunday — Resurrection Sunday is the most holy religious day of the Christian faith,” said Sunny Hostin. “And the fact that rather than tweeting about new beginnings and hopefulness and the risen Lord, he’s tweeting about taxes and protests and North Korea… I wonder what the Evangelicals that supported him — 80% — and I wonder about the Catholics — I think it was 60% of white Catholics that voted for him — how they felt about that, because I felt it so disrespectful.”

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