Abby Phillip: ‘If There’s Anything Consistent About Donald Trump It’s the Inconsistency of Donald Trump

‘The one thing that people who know Donald Trump tell me is that he actually does listen’


PHILLIP: "If there’s anything consistent about Donald Trump it’s the inconsistency of Donald Trump. It’s the he was for the Iraq war before being against it. Being against going into Syria and now he’s for. It all that have is sort of Donald Trump’s story as a political figure now in the world, and so I think that’s going to continue, but something to keep in mind to David’s point. When Donald Trump put together his cabinet, look at the people that he put in his government. He put James Mattis in there. He’s got H.R. Mcmaster there. He’s got Mike Pompeo at the CIA, generals, Republicans, CEOs, these are people who would be very comfortable in just about any Republican administration, and they are talking to him. They are advising him. He’s listening to them every day, and we’re seeing the result of that come down the pike. The one thing that people who know Donald Trump tell me is that he actually does listen. He always wants to hear what people are trying to say and then he’ll figure out where he’ll land after getting, you know, random people’s thoughts as he goes through the day."

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