Chris Wallace: Trump’s ‘Much More Comfortable Unleashing U.S. Force’ than Obama

‘This president has given much more authority, autonomy to the Pentagon and to the commanders in the field’


WALLACE: "Yeah, look, there are some people you heard Hamid Karzai, the former president of Afghanistan, who we always had problems with, attacking this and saying that the U.S. is using Afghanistan as a test range to fire missiles or weapons, rather, bombs, you know, in effect to test them out on the people in Afghanistan. Generally speaking, though, and there has been some concern, of course we had that terrible case of friendly fire where there was a U.S. strike in Syria that ended up killing what we thought was going to be ISIS people and then it ended up killing 18 rebels who were fighting as as allies of us there. But I think the administration and a lot of people in Washington think it does send a message clearly to North Korea and Syria and Iran and ISIS, that, as Lindsey Graham said, there is a new sheriff in town and he is much more comfortable about unleashing — you can argue whether it’s always good and always done in an appropriate fashion — but much more comfortable unleashing U.S. Force against our enemies around the world."

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