Mulvaney on Health Care, Tax Cuts: ‘We Can Do More than One Thing at a Time’

‘We continue to work on health care but that doesn’t mean we stop working on other things as well’


GEIST: "From your standpoint, where is the focus on the White House, health care or tax reform?" 
MULVANEY: "All of the above. I mean, we -- we can do more than one thing at a time. We -- I’ve got a meeting today on tax reform. We’ve got a meeting I think later on today or tomorrow on infrastructure. We met yesterday with a group of CEOs about this government restructuring and obviously discussions are continuing all the time about the health care bill. So, it’s not just sort of a one off. Yes, there’s a -- there's a rhyme and a reason to what has to go first, what should go first but that doesn’t mean the White House is just doing one topic at a time."

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