Turley: Media ‘So Focused on Debunking’ the Trump Admin that They’re ‘Debunking Actual Stories’

‘The Rice controversy is a real story’


TURLEY: “We’ve seen a lot of this. It’s quite surprising. I’ve been very critical of things that President Trump has said about the media, because in some cases he's been unfair. But the media seems to be rushing to fulfill every stereotype of these tweets. They're so focused on debunking the Trump Administration that they’re debunking actual stories. The Rice controversy is a real story. We don’t know what the motivations were, we don’t know how far it went, but in her first interviews with the network after she had denied any knowledge about unmasking them, the networks didn’t ask her about that statement that was made only a couple weeks before this second round of interviews. Not one said, 'But you’re saying something diametrically opposed to what you just told the national media not two weeks ago.’ That would seem a natural starting point for the media." 

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