Sen. Graham: ‘I’ve Every Reason to Believe Russia Intentionally Left Chemical Weapons in the Hands of Assad’

‘I find it hard to believe they didn’t know he had chemical weapons’


GRAHAM: "I have every reason to believe that they intentionally left chemical weapons in the hands of Assad. It's impossible for me to believe that Russia operates at the same air base where the chemical weapons were stored and the attack was launched from and they had no knowledge of it. They either are either incredibly incompetent or they're complicit. I believe they're complicit. They've attacked hospitals. One war criminal policing another will never work. When Secretary Tillerson says he hopes Russia will realign itself with Western democracies and break away from Syria and Iran, with all due respect, and I like Secretary Tillerson, that's pretty naive. Putin's regime is very much aligned with Syria and Iran and the way they do business and they will never break away until the cost of doing business is too high. If you want Russia to abandon Assad, you have to create cause for Russia.”

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