Nick Burns: Syria a ‘Real Opportunity’ for Trump to ‘Show Some Courage’ and ‘Credibility’

‘This was an opportunity and a challenge to President Trump to show some courage, establish some U.S. credibility’


BURNS: "There’s hundreds of thousands of people dead by Russian bombing as well as Syrian conventional bombing. The thing about chemical weapons, it uniquely targets civilians. And President Obama had an agreement with President Putin and President Assad back in 2013 that all those chemical weapons would be removed from Syria. Well, guess what? We all know the Syrians and Russians cheated on that agreement. So I do think this was an opportunity and really a challenge to President Trump to show some courage and establish some U.S. credibility. Two things the administration can do, we’ve got to continue to fight the Islamic state, that’s a priority. The administration hasn’t talked about refugees. They banned all refugee admittances. Europe, of course, has taken in over 1.2 million Syrian refugees. We’ve taken in 12,500 in the last administration, none in this. Don’t we have an obligation to take in some refugees and help deal with the humanitarian aspects of this horrible crisis?"

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