Matthews: Obama ‘Followed the Constitution’ and He’s Been Blamed Ever Since for Not Acting on Syria

‘He’s been blamed ever since for not acting when Assad crossed the red line’

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MATTHEWS: "What does that tell you, the fact that Congress sat on its hands when you much preferred, and I did too, of course, Obama. He followed the correct procedures of the Constitution as you see it and got nothing, and he’s been blamed ever since for not acting when Assad crossed the red line."
MURPHY: "Let me say this. There are legitimate differences. There’s a difference between using chemical weapons once and using it twice, right? Having done it a second time, that is reason for some people to change their opinion, but that’s not what’s going on here. What’s happening here is that Republicans didn’t want to support a democratic president using military power in the Middle East. They’re willing to support a Republican president. This is pure politics coming from, I think, most Republicans."
MATTHEWS: "Did you support the call last time when it was from Obama?"
MURPHY: "No, I didn’t. I was one of the — I was actually one of the few to actually vote against it as a member of the foreign relations committee."

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