Lankford: Russia ‘Clearly Has Responsibility’ in the Chemical Weapons Attack

‘There’s no doubt the Russians knew they were using it’


LANKFORD: "Well Russia clearly has responsibility. Russia was also the country that said that they were monitoring all this, they were evaluating this. They said there were no chemical weapons there, that everything had been purged from it. So they’re either lying to just the American people or to the entire world, or they were helping the Syrians be able to carry out this attack. Either way, this was the section that falls squarely on the shoulder of the Russians. They could have known, should have known. Russians on the same base where they’re storing, maintaining, loading out chemical weapons. It’s impossible for me to believe the Russians when they say, I didn’t know, or there are false accusations that this somehow was stored in one of these locations and the Syrians just hit the house where the rebels were using it is a farce. There’s no doubt the Syrians said it. There’s no doubt the Russians knew they were using it. The Russians should be responsible for helping ire get rid of it and settle this the best way they can do that is help eject Assad out of this who they are propping up. 

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