Noah Defends Pepsi: Brands Should Be More ‘Woke’

‘Let’s see Coca-Cola address climate change, yes, that’s what we should see’

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NOAH: "But to be honest with you, guys, I don't understand why Pepsi got hammered so hard. In fact, I think all brands need to become more woke. Let's see Coca-Cola address climate change. Yeah, that's what we should see. That's what we should see. Let's have a wedding for Mr. And Mr. Clean, yeah. Or why don't we enjoy a gender fluid bar, yeah, yeah? Sure, those Carls Jr.'s ads are sexist, but just a little tweak, and now they're feminists, yeah, yeah. Think of all the iconic moments there are for brands to celebrate — 'Black power with a white smile.' I like it, I like it. 'Why move to the back of the bus when you can Uber?' I'm enjoying this a lot. 'Going to an all-white school is hard, but lunchables are easy.' 'When your country is divided between black and white, bring them together with Oreos.' We could have had all of these things, people."

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