MSNBC: Steve Bannon Removed from White House National Security Council

‘This is a significant shift inside this White House’


WELKER: "Well, Steve Bannon has been one of President Trump's closest advisers from the time of the campaign, through the transition, and he was put on the National Security Council, according to one source, to really oversee work in concert with Michael Flynn. Now, of course, he has since been removed. There is a new national security adviser. So this is sort of a part of that natural process of transition. But certainly, this is a significant shift inside this White House at a critical moment when the President is facing his biggest foreign policy tests yet when it comes to North Korea and those recent provocations, as well as Syria and that chemical weapons attack that the President is now going to have to contend with. Steve Bannon continues to be, I am told, one of the closest advisers, but it does take him off of the list of those people who will now be huddling to deal with these national security issues in that capacity." 

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