Colbert Defends Rice: She Caught the Trump Team Talking to Russians, There’s Your Scandal

‘It’s just more of the constant drip, drip of revelations of rampant law following’

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COLBERT: "Here's what it also means: It also means intelligence agencies were eavesdropping on shady foreign officials and incidentally picked up conversations they had with Americans. Would you like to know which Americans? The National Security Adviser did. So she asked to have their names unmasked, and experts say that's likely within the law. Boom! It's just one more of the constant drip, drip of revelations of rampant law following. Here's what else it means. There are only two reasons the National Security Adviser is allowed to unmask someone: because the intelligence cannot be understood without knowing the identity of the American, or because they have 'probable cause that criminal conduct was involved.' So Trump is going after Susan Rice by saying, 'My team wasn't talking to Russia. If they were, then how come Susan Rice caught my team talking to the Russians? There's your scandal. All right? Convene the tribunal.'"

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