Noah on Kushner: An Inexperienced 36-Year-Old Real Estate Prince Is Running America

‘Turns out Donald Trump has a blind trust after all’


NOAH: "To sum it up, the man in charge of pretty much everything right now is an inexperienced 36-year-old real estate prince whose main qualification is being married to the President's daughter. I don't get it. What does Trump see in this guy?"
[clip starts]
REPORTER: "What he lacks in experience he more than makes up for in trust and loyalty."
REPORTER: "His expanding role is something that is indicative of, obviously, the deep level of trust that the President puts in him. He trusts his son-in-law — "
[clip ends]
NOAH: "Oh, wow, look at that. It turns out Donald Trump has a blind trust after all. Oh, nice. So, congratulations, Jared Kushner. By cashing in on Donald Trump's loyalty rewards program, you as of right now are the real president. We'll be right back."

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