Chelsea: ‘Americans Deserve an Answer’ to Russia’s Involvement in the 2016 Election

‘I think we yet don’t know the answer yet to anything related to Russia’

O’DONNELL: “We’re in the midst of a debate about whether Russia tried to influence the election. And we’ve heard from former CIA directors, we’ve heard from former are vice presidents who say this is a sophisticated campaign ever that they’ve seen by Russians trying to influence the election and potential administration, or the current administration during the campaign. What do you think about what Russia did during the campaign?
CLINTON: “Well, Norah, what I know about that I learned from you, Charlie, Gayle, from people in the media. I think it’s clear there are lots of questions that have yet to be answered and I think Americans deserve an answer to those questions.”
O’DONNELL: “Do you think they had any role in your mother’s defeat -- Russian influence?
CLINTON: “I think we don’t yet know the answer to anything around Russia and I think we all deserve those answers.”

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