Hannity: ‘The American People Have a Right to Know’ Why Susan Rice Unmasked Trump Team

‘What did then-President Obama know and when did he know it?’

HANNITY: "Oh, really? I know nothing about that? That’s what you just heard her say. Was she lying in that clip? New reports indicate that yes, yes she was. Keep in mind this new information about Susan Rice comes on the heels of the smoking gun tape that was uncovered last week that we played on the program of former Obama official Dr. Evelyn Farkas admitting not only surveillance took place but the names were also unmasked and they wanted them leaked. We are demanding answers to these questions. The American people now have a right to know. For example, what justification did Susan Rice have two unmask these? That’s pretty unprecedented. What did Ben Rhodes know? What did the former Director of National Intelligence know? What did John Brennan know? Was this done for pure political purposes, under the ruse of national security? What did then-president Obama know and when did he know it? Did President Obama and members of his administration surveilled an incoming president? America deserves answers tonight."

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