Gillian Turner: The Whole Situation with Flynn, Russia, Nunes Is ‘Highly Unusual’

‘It’s like an onion where every day we’re peeling back more and more layers’

TURNER: "Yes. Which the whole situation, the whole scenario is highly unusual. But I would say this, that this story, especially with Nunes’ involvement, it’s like an onion where every day we’re peeling back more and more layers. And we could kind of go back and forth for infinity on who checked into the White House when and when they left and who talked to who. But at the core of the story remain two issues, two national security issues. One is the leaking of classified information to include the surveillance issue. The other is potential Russian attempted interference in the United States’ general election. Now, both of these issues are very more important than the politics surrounding them, by which I mean they both have implications for American national defense. And, by the way, they both spanned two presidential administrations at this point. People will push back and say, but there’s no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign team and Russia in the — in the general election. And that’s fine and that’s true. But I actually argue that that makes an investigation, a really thorough investigation about Russian efforts, more important because it means that whatever they were able to — wherever they were able to get to, anything that achieved, they did on their own. Isn’t that more compelling?"

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