Michael Graham: Trump’s Base Feels Like He Can’t Get a Break

‘This is Trump under attack’

GRAHAM: "But there’s a meta story here, which is that the people who rallied around Trump — when I was doing talk radio, my listeners, they feel like they can’t get a — a break and that they’re under attack. And this is Trump under attack. And, you know, we work with Selena Zito, where I work at “The Washington Examiner” as well, and she coined the phrase, you know, the press takes Trump literally but not seriously. His supports take him seriously but not literally. And they — they — this feeds their notion that you can’t get a fair break. They watched what happened with Hillary Clinton and they feel like you never pushed this hard when the woman had classified information literally on a computer in her basement and you couldn’t get serious with that. Now here you are nit-picking about, was it spying or was it inappropriate leaking, and that story. I don’t know that it’s a winner for Trump, but like you said, for right now, that’s feed — his base is feeding off of that."

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