Carter on Mixed Messages on Russia from Haley, Trump: Consistency Very Important

‘There does need to be clarity and consistency’

RADDATZ: "You heard ambassador Haley say President Trump can say whatever he wants because he has his people talking tough. Two didn’t messages coming from secretary Haley and others and President Trump. What do you think?"
CARTER: "I think in strategic affairs, clarity and consistency are very important. I hope that over time things settle down and one cease more clarity and consistency here. I mean, this is our government. And, our foreign policy. We all need to wish it success. But there does need to be clarity and consistency. With respect to the Russians, they need to hear that from the United States. If we have for decades now, and I have dealt with the Russians for 35 years. We have from time to time been able to even though we have different interests, to align them. That alignment has become more and more difficult under Putin. You see that in Ukraine. In the Middle East. To an extent where he actually defines Russian success as thwarting the United States. It’s difficult to build a fwroij that motivation."

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