Krauthammer: Michael Flynn’s Only Useful to the Extent that He Gets the Big Fish, Trump

‘If the FBI or any of the committees think that Flynn can deliver trump, they will grant him immunity’

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KRAUTHAMMER: "Well, it’s not going to depend on trump tweet. Although I think it’s not a very good idea for the president to inject himself into this. It’s not going to help. I think the fact is very simple. If the FBI or any of the committees think that Flynn can deliver Trump, they will grant him immunity. There’s no reason to think he will. If it’s just protecting himself, I think they won’t be interested in granting him immunity. In other words, is he only useful to the extent that he gets the big fish. That’s how it is in all of these investigations. So, I think it has to do with Flynn’s own exposure, not having agent of the Turkish government. Perhaps some dealings with the Russians that predate his involvement in the trump campaign, that we don’t know about. I suspect it’s personal stuff. It’s not campaign stuff, and it’s not going to help the investigation of Russian tampering."

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