Rand Paul: No One Is Denying Gen. Flynn Was Spied Upon by the Obama Admin

‘I do think it is sort of this witch hunt’


PAUL: "I do think it is sort of this witch hunt. I mean, all day this breathless stuff, the suspects that met secretly with the Chairman. They all have the ability — if someone is a whistleblower and they know someone illegally looked at General Flynn’s information, absolutely, I want them to come forward. They probably can’t meet me at a Starbuck’s. They probably would meet you in a secure room, either in the capital or the White House, but the fact that they may have met in a secure room in the White House doesn’t make it wrong. It actually makes it noble that someone is trying to clear up the mess of who spied on General Flynn because no one is denying that General Flynn was spied upon by the Obama Administration.”

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