Manchin: I Have No Indication that Trump Is the Focus of the Russia Investigation

‘So I don’t think that he is under investigation’


BERMAN: "Do you have any indication, senator, that President Trump himself is the focus of this investigation?" 
MANCHIN: "No. President Trump’s name directly has not come up in any of our briefings that I have been attending and I don’t think I missed any of them. The campaign is being looked upon and basically we’re coming in and we’ll be coming in to answer questions. So, we’ll find out. What we’ve said before, the Senate has been very, very diligent, its direction and how we're going to conduct this. It’s been very bipartisan and I truly believe with all my heart that in the Senate Intelligence Committee, the members of that committee will put their country and the government before any individuals. So, wherever the intel takes us is where we will go."

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