MSNBC: Federal Judge Puts Trump’s Travel on Hold Indefinitely

‘The Trump Administration was hoping a federal judge would narrow the ruling that blocked the travel ban’


SCARBOROUGH: “Let’s begin with breaking news on the President’s travel ban executive order. The Trump Administration was hoping that a federal judge would narrow the ruling that blocked the travel ban. Instead, the judge this morning extended it. That was a temporary restraining order, and it’s now a preliminary injunction, meaning the President’s order is going to remain on hold until the lawsuit is resolved. The President called the judge’s March 15th ruling against the revised travel ban, quote, 'an unprecedented judicial overreach.' Mark Halperin, listen, whether you like the President’s travel ban or not, or the executive order, whatever you want to call it, whether you like the President or not, it’s hard to find a lot of judicial scholars that do not identify themselves as Progressives, as not believing that this is going to be reversed when it eventually gets to the Supreme Court. The question is whether this thing is ever going to get to the Supreme Court or whether it’s always going to just bounce around in the Ninth Circuit, either on lower court level or with the Ninth Circuit itself.”

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