Noah to Trump: Going Back to Coal Like Searching for a Horse Path to India Instead of Exploring Outerspace

‘Thank God John F. Kennedy didn’t think like Trump’


NOAH: "Here's what makes this story so infuriating. It's not that there is no jobs in energy. It is just that the jobs are not in coal." 
[clip starts]
REPORTER: "We don't use coal like we used to in this country. We use oil, number one, natural gas, number two. Coal is now number three. There are only 70,000 jobs actually linked to coal. More than 650,000 are now in renewable energy. We're talking about wind, solar and of course biofuels." 
[clip ends]
NOAH: "Yeah, if Donald Trump was really trying to make America great again, it would be all about innovation and progress. Because moving the world forward is what America has always been about. Think about it, America went from candles to the light bulb, right? America went from covered wagons to airplanes. Unemployed girls to Instagram models. The point is progress, and now you want to go back to coal? Like, thank God John F. Kennedy didn't think like Trump. Can you imagine what that would have been like. Because instead of going to the Moon he would have gone, 'What? The Russians are going into space? Then I pledge that in this decade we'll find a horse path to India.' We'll be right back."

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