Chris Christie: Both Trump and I Agree Drug Addiction ‘Is a Disease’

‘People are afraid and ashamed to talk about drug addiction’


CHRISTIE: "I'm just so honored that the President would ask me to take on this task with the group that we've put together and I'm thrilled to work with the attorney general as well on the issues of prevention and interdiction of drugs so we don't get people hooked into the first place. But the most important thing to me, I think the President and I both agree that addiction is a disease and it is a disease that can be treated. We need to make sure we let people know, the President talked about how folks don't talk about it. We talk about cancer. We talk about heart disease. We talk about diabetes and we're not afraid to talk about it but people are afraid and ashamed to talk about drug addiction. And while they don't talk about it, we lose lives, lives of good, good people."

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