Steve King: ‘Absolutely Devin Nunes Can Continue To Do His Job; ‘I Have Great Confidence’ in Him

‘We don’t know if this is a high level of national security or high level of urgency’


CAMEROTA: "Great to have you. Do you think that House intel chairman Devin Nunes can continue to do his job?"
KING: "Absolutely. I have great confidence in Devin Nunes and the reason is this. As I recall, he came into this Congress with me. We were in the same class. I'm certain of that. I believe he was 28 years old. I watched him grow. I have watched the moves he has made. I have watched the judicious nature of Devin Nunes. He’s careful with what he says. He never shoots from the hip. He shoots accurately. And I think that you can count on his integrity. And he’ll come before the press if he makes a mistake and say, 'I should have done something different,' but now I think he will deliver this to the select committee on intel and you will have a bipartisan knowledge base to look into those things that he has had exclusive knowledge to last week."

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